Export Policies

MicroBee Systems, Inc conducts business to the highest ethical standards. It is the strict policy of MicroBee Systems to only conduct business with individuals or organizations that also adhere to the highest ethics. This page is intended to help you decide if you qualify for foreign purchases. Radio Modems employ spread spectrum technology and thus are export controlled by the United States Government. Other MicroBee products may employ export restricted technologies also. MicroBee Systems will export items, including FreeWave Radio Modems, to foreign entities under the following conditions:

  • The purchaser must be the end user or an approved distributor/integrator.
  • The purchaser must supply a detailed end use statement which includes ultimate destination and intended application. The End Use Statement must be included with any Purchase Orders. No exceptions.
  • The purchaser must be not be on the US Bureau of Export Affairs (BXA) list of denied individuals/entities.
  • The purchaser cannot reside in a country prohibited exports by the BXA.
  • Each case will be evaluated individually. Be assured, we want to do business with you but MicroBee Systems will investigate all information prior to export of sensitive technology.
  • All export sales must be prepaid via bank wire transfer.
  • The purchaser is responsible for all licenses, tariffs and duties as well as local radio emission compliance.
  • MicroBee Systems will not export to the following countries under any conditions: Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Cuba, North Korea or any country deemed hostile to the interest of the United States or it’s allies.
  • The purchaser is responsible for all duties and taxes. The purchaser must supply a valid UPS, FedEx or DHL shipping number and all tariffs and duty will be billed to purchaser.

Not being on the denial list does not guarantee sales to your country. Exports are on a case by case basis. If you reside in a foreign country and are interested in purchasing items listed on the site please feel free to contact MicroBee Systems at any time. We are here to help.

For further help contact MicroBee Systems directly: exports@microbee-systems.com